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Unboxing Olivia Burton Watch & Jewley Packaging

Olivia Burton's watches has spread the online watches market this year. Let's check how this brand packs her products.
Rachel Zeng · Jan 28, 2020

Olivia Burton's watches has spread the online watches market this year. Let's check how this brand packs her products.

Hi,I am Rachel,this is unboxing packaging, today we have Olivia Burton from London, a popular jewelry brand specially famous for its watches. 

It is generally for brands to invest 1-3% of total revenue into packaging. But Olivia Burton breaks this rule. From this video, I bet you will be surprised how much they invest in packaging.

This is a custom printed box,probably used as shipping mailer box although they put a courier bag outside to protect it. It is in folding style which means we can fold it only when we need it, so it can save a lot of space in storage. Imagine for a large business how much space the packaging items will take, and all this space needs money! So folding boxes really help in saving money (folding=saving money).

Inside the box is a bubble layer with a reminding information sticker on top. Then I find two gift boxes and a paper bag.

Both boxes are actually wrapped by paper covers. With a gold foil logo printed in the center and flowers around. The gift box is a rigid box style, with a simple gold foil logo in the center of the box lid. The big box is for watch packaging and the small one is for jewelry packaging.

Inside the big box, there is a custom paper tray fixed there the watch is placed at the corner with a soft pillow to hold it. Other slots are for small gifts and cards. So along with the watches Olivia Burton is giving small gifts like this colored pencil pack and these postcards which you can print colors in it. There is even a small card inviting consumers to join their online printing game, probably creating a group where consumers can share anything about the brand. 

I think it's kind of like APM's packaging philosophy that give extra unexpected gifts to win customers satisfaction.

In the small box is a jewelry bag made of soft velvet. It is an envelope shape, with ribbons for tiding. The logo is also gold foil (gold foil logo) as paper box. Very simply but gorgeous. Inside the pouch is glossy satin fabric with a big contrast to the outside velvet fabric. There is a divider in the pouch also. The jewelry is attached to small paper envelope with a rose gold foil logo on it.

Let's come back to the paper bag. With similar design as paper box, gold foil logo on matte surface, a small hole has been added between the handles so we can tide the ribbon and send it as a gift.

Now it's our budget time to help you to decide which items you can adapt into your packaging plan.

First we talk about foldable shipping box. Made is 1000gsm corrugated paper with custom logo, 10*10*5inches size will be around $1.5 for 1000pcs and 7.5*5*5 will be around $1 for 1000pcs. 

For gift boxes with paper covers. Bigger size in 9*9*3inches a whole set including paper cover rigid box and inner paper tray will be around $3.5 for 500sets, and $2.5 for 3000sets. Smaller size in 3.5*3.5*1.5 inches with only paper box cover and box will be $2 for 500sets and $1.3 for 3000sets.

For the velvet pouch with custom gold foil logo, size in 3*3inches, envelope shape, double sided with different fabric, and a divider, cost will be $1.5 for 500pcs MOQ, and $1 for 3000pcs.

Last item for analysis is paper bag. Size in 12*9.5*4inches, made of 250gsm matte laminated paper, four color printing with gold foil logo, 500pcs MOQ is about $1.5 and 3000pcs is about $0.8.

That's all for today's unboxing packaging. Any question, leave comment to info@deepkinglabels.com. See you soon:)

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