Deepking Label | manufacturer for ecommerce custom packaging
How long will it take for shipping?
It depends on the country you live.
Most of the our parcel will be delivered in 3-6 days : )
How long will it take for an order ready to ship?
Woven Brand Label: 10-15 days

Woven Logo Label: 10-15 days

Pouch: 12-18 days
What is the Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) for an items?
Woven Brand Label:500pcs

Woven Logo Label:500pcs


Discount will be offered when you order more!
I want to ship my products to another country
Absolutely! We ship worldwide!

Based on your location, and the type of order (volume, weight), we offer different shipping options. Your shipping address (country) determines whether and how much VAT or Sales Tax will be charged.
Do you charge shipping fees?
Yes, shipping fees do apply for all orders. Although pricing and options vary by destination (country), we take pride in offering the lowest shipping prices available. In many cases, we cover a significant amount of the actual shipping costs so that we can keep prices down for our customers.

• At the "Payment Step" during checkout, you will see the shipping options available to you based on destination (country), we listed some samples for your reference below.

• The price and estimated shipping time for each option are shown. Note that these are estimates provided by the shipping carrier. We work with the most reputable logistical partners available, but as soon as the package is in their possession, it is out of our hands. We cannot guarantee shipping time.

Do you charge Sales Tax or VAT?
We don't charge for Sales Tax.
However the Custom Department in your country might charge for import tax if they have a policy for importing labels.
Can your labels be sewn onto any fabric?
Yes. Depending on the size of your labels, they can easily be sewn on to any textile or fabric product.
Are payments on this website secure?
Yes! All our payments are processed by established and trusted payment providers. We do not store any of your credit card data or other sensitive payment information.
Am I required to have an email address to order?
Yes, most of our customer support and all automated communication is through email, so we require a valid email address.
How can I check my order
Login in and check it on our webstie, the account will be your email address and the
password will sent to your email address.

I need a label/pouch with my design not just texts, where should I send the design?
You can send us artwork or design to custom make your own label other than just texts!
Please click the side button ''INQUIRY'' at the right to get started!!
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